My Oma

Today was Sydney’s 3rd birthday but it turned out to be a day of mixed emotions for me. I found out when I woke up that my Oma had passed away.

My Oma took a bad fall about a month ago and just couldn’t recover.  She was in palltative care for the past 9 days so even though I knew the end was near, it really didnt make the news any easier.

While I was out and about with the kids today I thought alot about my Oma and all that she meant to me. Here are a few memories that stand out for me.

~ Walking through Leif Erickson park when I was about 4, she had THE LARGEST GRASSHOPPER on her pants.  I freaked – she laughed!

~ She grew the most amazing garden at her house on Ave O in Saskatoon.  It was HUGE and AWESOME!

~ She  grew the most amazing Peonies all around her house.

~ She was the greatest baker.  She had a sweet tooth. Her peanut butter cookies were THE BEST!

~ she loved to freak me out as a kid by wiggling her false teeth.

~ She was an amazing knitter, though it took me FOREVER to realize this. She was my inspiration to learn and she helped fix many of my mistakes.

~ She loved Hawaii….. everything about it!

These are just a few quick memories of a woman that I loved very much. A strong woman that came to Canada as a war bride from Rotterdam, and made a life for her family in Canada.

Today I bought a bunch of Pink Peonies….. they remind me of my Oma. In the store Sydney brought me a bunch of pink Gerber Daisies and said “for my Oma”.  Looks like we have a new tradition of mixing pink peonies and pink gerber daisies together to celebrate, and remember two strong and independant women. Two women that I love so very much!

Happy Birthday Sydney…. I will miss you Oma.




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